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John Cage Theatre Piece

Theatre Piece

Design: Jasen Hengst

The show was co-sponsored by the Georgetown Neighborhood Library and produced by special arrangement with C.F. Peters Corporation.

Date & Location

November 13th, 2014

Georgetown Neighborhood Library
3260 R Street NW
Washington, DC 20007


Theatre Piece was John Cage's 1960 reworking and variation of an untitled performance he organized at Black Mountain College in 1952, known in the annals of art history as being the first "happening" and for challenging notions of the boundaries of theater. It is a kaleidoscope of simultaneous performances capturing the playful indeterminacy Cage was so brilliant at conveying.



Soren Ogelman


Daniel Riker


Cristen Stephansky


Barbara Stuckey

Verse Reader

Wendy Wilmer


Playwright & Composer

John Cage


Ross Heath

Sound Designer

Evan J. Dice

Video Designer

J. Michael Whalen


Kim Curtis

Graphic Designer

Jasen Hengst


November 11th, 2014, Christopher Henley's DC Theatre Scene article on Arcturus' production of John Cage's Theatre Piece.


"Having seen several Arcturus productions now, I have found each one thoughtfully chosen, carefully considered, and professionally approached by both the director and the players. The presentation of John Cage's Theatre Piece was personally endearing to me as a reminder of a long interest in intellectually challenging, and in this case absurdist, drama. It also reminded me of the warmth and value to be found in seeing such (maybe deceptively) 'small' productions."

-AM Tucker

"The resulting impression was that of being surrounded by bursts of chaos but which unmistakably still had a sense of an underlying precision and control, and at the end one could only wish to be able to sit through some version of it again."

-Ron Rendell

“It was a pleasure to see Arcturus's skillful performance of a piece whose original conception was a major event in American theater history."

–John F. McDiarmid
Professor Emeritus of British and American Literature New College of Florida


Cast of John Cage's Theatre Piece - Photo by Megan McNitt

Cast of John Cage's Theatre Piece - Photo by Megan McNitt

Barbara Stuckey & Daniel Riker - Photo by Ross Heath

Barbara Stuckey & Daniel Riker - Photo by Ross Heath

Cristen Stephansky - Photo by Megan McNitt

Cristen Stephansky - Photo by Megan McNitt

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