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The Point by Marilyn Ansevin Austin

The Point

Design: Jasen Hengst

Date & Location

September 24 – October 10, 2015
Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church,
201 Fourth St SE
Washington, DC 20003


Fran had been a successful physician, but into retirement is having trouble living her life well due to her mental and emotional deterioration. As Fran’s actions become more irrational, her family and friends intervene on her behalf with varied levels of success. A friend of many years, whose professional life has been denied to him because of misunderstood intentions, becomes a key figure for Fran in this difficult stage of her life, and together they discover “the point.”



Margeaux Martine


Melissa Robinson


Mohamed Numan


Kim Curtis


Cristen Stephansky

Delivery Man

Will Hawkins



Ross Heath

Technical Director

Jeff Maione

Music Composer

Evan J. Dice

Sound & Lighting Designer

Will Hawkins

Graphic Designer

Jasen Hengst

Sound Effects & Promotional Video

J. Michael Whalen

Scenic & Properties Designer

Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Margeaux Martine and Kim Curtis

Margeaux Martine & Kim Curtis - Photo by Jeff Maione

Arcturus Theater Company presents The Point by Marilyn Ansevin Austin


Big Boss Creative
Dementia Society of America
Women's Voices Theater Festival