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A staged reading of Noël Coward's Post Mortem

Post Mortem

Date & Location

February 17th, 2014

All Souls Memorial Episcopal Church
2300 Cathedral Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008


Britain declared war on Germany in 1914 unprepared for the horrors of trench warfare. For a while, awareness of these conditions was kept from civilians, who continued to romanticize the glories of war and assume, as they had been told, that the conflict would be over soon.

Early on, poets such as Rupert Brooke produced patriotic verse that helped drive support for the war. Brooke died in 1915 before seeing much combat. Other war poets, such as Edward Thomas and Siegfried Sassoon, wrote more graphically about the horrors they witnessed, breaking ground for others to follow. The dead and wounded among UK forces alone amounted to almost three million by the war's end in 1918 and almost no family was unaffected by loss. It was felt that a generation of young men had been mown down.

In 1930, Noël Coward wrote the one-act play, Post-Mortem, about a soldier, John Cavan, who dies in World War I and comes back thirteen years later as a ghost. Cavan revisits his fiancée, family, and friends, including the poet Perry Lomas, whose anti-war book, Post-Mortem, is being criticized by the powers that be, including Cavan's own father, Sir James Cavan, who runs The Daily Mercury in London.

Noël Coward's Post-Mortem reminds us of the importance of speaking out for what is right, regardless of the prevailing opinions of the public and press, so dialogue may take place and truth may have a better chance at being heard. The message is relevant for all times.

Ross Heath
Artistic Director



John Brennan

John Cavan

Kyle McGruther

Lady Cavan

Wendy Wilmer

Sir James Cavan

Colin Davies

Robert Tilley
Bertie Chellerton
The Bishop of Ketchworth

Kim Curtis


Mike Crowley

Babe Robins

Matt Sims

Perry Lomas
Eggie Brace
Alfred Borrow

Ian Blackwell Rogers

Corporal Macey
Sir Henry Merstham

Paul Brewster

Monica Chellerton

Anna Lynch

Kitty Harris

Madelyn Farris

Miss Beaver

Dana Gattuso

Lady Stagg-Mortimer

Kathryn Browning



Ross Heath

Stage Manager

Hannah Schneider

Box Office

Kimberly Boyles

Graphic Designer

Jasen Hengst

Post Mortem