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Lisa Loomer's Distracted


Design: Jasen Hengst

Distracted was produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Date & Location

June 12th–21st, 2014

Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H St NE
Washington, DC 20002


Nine-year-old Jesse's teacher informs the boy's parents that Jesse may have Attention Deficit Disorder, setting off the parents' zany quest to improve the child's quality of life. Associated Press calls Distracted "a smartly comic, sharply observant and surprisingly humane play." Living in a world where we are bombarded with information, the comedy shines hilarity and light on what really matters..



Dana Gattuso


John Stange


Anders Ogelman

Dr. Zavala
Dr. Broder
Dr. Jinks
Dr. Karnes

Paul Brewster

Mrs. Holly
Dr. Waller

Mary Miller


Cristen Stephansky


Kathleen Burnard


Debora Crabbe



Ross Heath

Video, Sound & Lighting Designer

J. Michael Whalen

Music Coordinator

Evan J. Dice

Video & Sound Operator

Eric Wells

Lighting Operator

Hannah Schneider

Graphic Designer

Jasen Hengst


Cameron Clarke

Set Designer

Sean Urbantke


"Arcturus Theater Company presents Distracted by Lisa Loomer who works her way deep into our psyche to perplex us with problems that we perhaps don't want to face. She doesn't give answers but sure does make us think about the issues that some people around us have to deal with. The play, which is very thought provoking and especially well acted, begins in a rather naturalistic style and slowly segues almost into the abstract as the characters have increasing difficulty coping with their lives. It is very moving and even, at times, very funny. Ross Heath directs with much sensitivity in an appropriately lean production with enhancing sound and video underscoring the story. When I left the theatre, I felt I knew a little more about my fellow beings and cared about them in a better way."

-Victor Shargai
former board chair of theatreWashington


John Stange & Dana Gattuso

John Stange & Dana Gattuso

Mary Miller

Mary Miller

John Stange, Dana Gattuso & Debora Crabbe

John Stange, Dana Gattuso & Debora Crabbe

John Stange, Dana Gattuso & Paul Brewster

John Stange, Dana Gattuso & Paul Brewster

Anders Ogelman, Dana Gattuso & John Stange

Anders Ogelman, Dana Gattuso & John Stange

Anders Ogelman, Dana Gattuso & John Stange

Dana Gattuso & Cristen Stephansky

Kathleen Burnard & Dana Gattuso

Kathleen Burnard & Dana Gattuso

Photos of Arcturus Theater Company's production of Distracted by J. Michael Whalen.